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Gym Shoes

Today was my shoulders and legs routine at the gym.  I bought these shoes with a few exercises in mind, deadlifts and squats.  They are the New Balance MWT20v2 Minimus. They are designed to have the feel of being barefoot.  The reason I wear these for lifting weights and other floor exercises is that it allows you to firmly plant your feet on the floor.  Also by mimicking barefeet it allows to go lower during squats and deadlifts thus maximizing results and stretching the body even further into the move.  It also gives your feet and legs more control during the exercise thus making it more beneficial to each leg move.  I have also read that wearing these forces you to brace your core therefor giving you a total body workout.


I have had them for two weeks now and I love them.  I only wear them for lifting weights and bodyweight exercises.  When its time for cardio I put on some true running shoes because I have tried running with barefoot shoes and my knees and feet cannot handle all of that stress without arch supports.  I have grown to love the color.  I get a lot of comments from people at the gym on how bright they are but hey they were on sale, almost half-off.  Im learning to be quite the bargain hunter.  Does bargain hunting qualify as being part of the hunter-gatherer food movement?

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