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Airport Life

ImageAs I am sitting here in the airport with no free wi-fi I have decided to write down the difficulty of traveling when eating the Paleo way.  As I have mentioned before I work on a tugboat that is down in Texas.  Now I know what you are thinking, why do you live in RI and work in TX?  Well my company is based out of NY and we used to call NY home but we are currently under contract with a major oil company in the Gulf of Mexico.  

Before I started Paleo I was on a different boat that was based out of Puerto Rico.  I know, I know its hard to follow.  In the days before Paleo, traveling in and out of airports were literally painful.  Being 6’1″ and 370 lbs doesn’t make traveling on airplanes easy.  I would cram myself into the seats and extend the buckle all the way out and hope it would fit.  I should have switched my diet when I had to ask for a seat-belt extender.  Of course I blamed it on the airplane being old.  It was probably brand new, I had no idea.  Not only did I have a hard time with seat belts, sitting next to someone was painful.  I literally had to cross my arms so they were not hanging over into any of the other seats.  That makes for a long flight, my back would start bothering me and my legs as well because they were jammed together and into the back of the other seat.  Like I said before this should have been a wake-up call.  I made any excuse to not blame myself. It wasn’t the airline, not the seat belt manufacturer not even Taco-Bell or oreos.  It was all my fault.
My airport meals used to consist of burgers, pizzas, fries, chinese food, milk shakes, candy, and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  I used to feel terrible.  I would actually feel greasy half the time because of the food I ate.  Not a good feeling sitting in a cramped, hot airplane.  
As I fly Paleo, not that cavemen could fly, I bring my own food.  I carry a bag of almonds and usually apples and a banana.  I don’t eat many bananas or apples but I choose to fly with them because they are filling.  If I get stuck in an airport or layover spot, I usually order a salad and omit the dressing.  Flying has now become a lot less painful and a little more enjoyable.  Well about as enjoyable as missing all of your connections and hanging around airports can be.  There is always a healthier option! 

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