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Pork Butt…AKA Pork Shoulder…AKA Deliciousness

Tonights dinner was slow roasted pork shoulder also known as pork butt.  Now its not actually the butt of a pig but when early settlers used to cure pork shoulders they would put them in barrels called Butts and thats what people in New England call the shoulder.  It is referred to as a pork butt or a Boston butt.


Pork Butt / Pork Shoulder / Boston Butt

I used a dry spice rub consisting of onion powder, salt, pepper, ground mustard, cumin, adobo chili powder, and paprika.  You may wonder why I don’t use garlic in any of my meals, I have a ship-mate that is apparently “allergic” to garlic, I think he just doesn’t like it.  I combined the spices with some olive oil to make a paste and rubbed it on all sides of the butt.  After I was done rubbing my butt I let it sit for 12 hours in the fridge to let the spices absorb into the meat.


dry rub left to sit for 12 hours

I roasted the shoulder for 5 hours covered with foil at 275 degrees.  The last hour I turned the oven to 400 degrees and uncovered my butt to crisp up the fat and skin. Lots of fat on the butt.  When it was finished cooking I pulled the shoulder blade right out of the meat, thats how you can tell it is tender.  I sliced it thin and had roasted brussel sprouts as a veggie.  One of my favorite meals.


After roasting for 5 hours

I love pork butt for leftovers.  Simply pan-sear it and the fat renders down even more and it the skin gets crispier.  I usually top it off with two sunny-side eggs and let the yolk run all over the butt.

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