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Re-think Breakfast

As I just made a turkey burger for breakfast, I realized how my perception of food in the morning has changed.  B.P.(Before Paleo) I would eat cereal, I mean a lot of cereal.  I would sit down and pour a huge bowl probably almost two standard servings but it wasn’t only that, sometimes it would be two huge bowls of a sugary cereal or there would be toast with jelly on the side or some english muffins slathered in butter.  Most of the time this was consumed before bed.

I work the 12-6am watch on the tug also known as the “mates watch”.  I have been on this watch for 6 years now and it really throws off your eating habits.  I used to eat when I woke up at midnight and then again right before bedtime at 6am, so I was eating two breakfasts everyday.  Not good.

After I switched to the Paleo way of eating I have really honed in on eating times.  I try to not eat later than 3am so I have 3 hours to digest food before bed.  My breakfasts are usually a lot lighter now.  What I wanted to discuss tonight was people’s perception of breakfast.  The main question I get about what I eat in the morning is “aren’t you sick of eggs?” My remark to people is that you have to change your ideas about what breakfast is.  Breakfast isn’t just eggs anymore and it certainly isn’t what the average person eats these days; waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, yogurts, cereals, toast, bagels, etc…

When I think back to the good old days of muffins, donuts, and pastries for breakfast I think about how dumb I was.  Those foods are basically a dessert consumed for breakfast, one of your most important meals of the day.  That is like eating dessert before dinner, a big no-no.  When you eat a sugary, carbohydrate laden breakfast, your body will burn all of the carbs for energy and then leave you starving an hour or so later.  Thus the reason I used to eat two breakfasts, my body was burning the carbs instead of fat for energy.  I am now a fat burning machine.  Now that my body is used to burning fat for energy I only eat one meal during the 12-6am watch and I try to eat it halfway through the 6 hour watch.  It is easy, sometimes I have to force myself to eat.

Back to the “aren’t you sick of eggs?” question.  I tell people who are interested in Paleo, that you need to consider it as a lunch or dinner type meal.  Don’t be afraid to have leftovers for breakfast.  Don’t be afraid to have a big salad with a protein for your morning meal.  A lot of the times when I am home I have a protein-powder, spinach, and fruit smoothie and it holds me over until lunch.  My favorite breakfasts now are leftovers usually topped with avocado and tomatoes and an egg(if you haven’t noticed a trend on the blog yet).  So re-think breakfast! It will help you continue on the Paleo journey with great success!

One comment on “Re-think Breakfast

  1. LFFL
    August 5, 2013

    I’ve had dinners for breakfast before. It was a little different, but I liked it.

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