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Oreos as ‘addictive’ as cocaine in lab rat study

I guess I was an Oreo addict. Should have went to rehab.  I would honestly start off with a row of Oreos and go from there.  I would mindlessly eat them.  They are really addicting.  The sugar, the fat and the salt are all crave inducing flavors.  I am so glad I know what I know now in order to be healthier as I age, gracefully I hope. When I walk through the grocery store I honestly see Oreos everywhere.  They place them throughout the entire store.  I don’t venture down the cookie aisle but I still manage to see them placed in other aisles.  I have noticed all of the different flavors too, I am so glad those were not around when I was an Oreo Addict.



The Chart

Anyone who’s ever eaten an Oreo knows how difficult it can be to eat just one.

Scientists have long suspected that our brains crave junk food in the same way they crave other pleasurable substances, such as illegal drugs. Previous studies in rodents and in humans have shown the same area of the brain that lights up on scans when people use drugs, also shows increased activity when study participants consume, or even look at, high fat, high sugar foods like ice cream or bacon.

Some scientists believe certain foods trigger the brain to signal for more, similar to the way addictive drugs prompt cravings; if we don’t fulfill the brain’s request, the body could produce a physical response (like caffeine headaches) similar to withdrawal symptoms.

New research from undergraduate students at Connecticut College adds to the growing evidence suggesting that food can be addictive. The students were interested…

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3 comments on “Oreos as ‘addictive’ as cocaine in lab rat study

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