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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year to all of my followers and visitors!  It was a remarkable 2013!  I fell in love with fitness and continued following a Paleo lifestyle.  January 1, 2014 marks my 2 year Paleo anniversary!  It hasn’t been the easiest road sometimes but it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I have so much passion for Paleo food, fitness and helping others now. I can’t say that I have ever been this engulfed by something before and I absolutely enjoy it.  I have helped friends and family “Go Paleo” and also have accumulated amazing friends and followers on all social media networks.  It is amazing how following a certain eating lifestyle can bring total strangers together.

Deciding to eat Paleo was my first New Years resolution 2 years ago.  I had never thought to make one and I guess I was so sick of living like I was that it was perfect timing in the 2012.  After a month of strict Paleo I knew I could do this for life.  I will always keep looking ahead to the future and never look back!  I can’t imagine falling off of the Paleo-wagon, I love eating real food!

For all of you “Resolutioners” out there I will share some tips on what kept me going when I first started.

1. Keep it Simple –

  • Make meals that include: meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, and some fruit.  Eat all of the veggies you want with each meal.  Load up on them!  A meat and veggie for dinner is quite simple, we can all do that.  Eat a huge salad with as many veggies as possible on it with a meat choice to keep you fuller longer.  Don’t try to recreate your old way of eating with Paleo foods right away, it could send you over to your old food choices.  Don’t try and make a Paleo version of pizza or a Paleo lasagna, etc… right away, that will come in due time when you know you can handle your new lifestyle.  KEEP IT SIMPLE!

2.  Limit Fruit –

  • Only eat fruit when you are craving something sweet.  The natural sugars can make you crave sweets.  I would wait until you feel comfortable with your sugar cravings to eat fruit whenever you would like.  For the first month only eat it when you are looking for something sweet.  Stick to berries which have the lowest sugar counts of fruit!

3. Focus on diet not exercise –

  • I focused all of my energy on changing the way I ate before I started to exercise.  I wanted to know that when I got hungry after a workout I would grab the right food and not the fast and easy food to eat.  I have changed my diet in the past and started going to the gym right away and let me tell you it was hard and I eventually stopped eating healthier and started eating more of the bad food after a workout.  FOCUS ON DIET!

4. Read –

  • I honestly read every Paleo book that I could get my hands on when first starting.  It helped guide me throughout the days and months of changing my diet.  It holds you accountable for each meal when you are reading the books as well. Research online, every little piece of information helps and decide what you want to include and exclude from your Paleo adventure.  Not everyones Paleo diet is the same, you have to decide what works best for you. READ!

5. Have Fun!

  • Enjoy this experience, it will change your life if you let it!

I hope this will help the newcomers to Paleo.  These are some of the tips that helped me stick to it in tough times!  Like always, feel free to email me with any question you may have.  Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question!

2 years following Paleo, with the most up to date picture of me!

2 years following Paleo, with the most up to date picture of me!

3 comments on “Happy 2014!

  1. Mrs. Paleo Lawyer
    January 4, 2014

    Great post & before/after photo, and congratulations on 2 years of paleo (though no congrats are needed, since the lifestyle is its own reward)! I had a similar experience: After about 30 days of paleo, my worldview changed, and I have not looked back. Happy new year!

    • WWJME
      January 4, 2014

      Thank you! Congrats on all of your hard work as well

  2. frompoohbeartotigger
    January 4, 2014

    Amazing story! Im starting my new paleo life tomorrow and hope to do as well as you have done. Happy new year!

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