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Read the Labels!

I know I have spouted off on this subject before but it still catches me off guard every once in a while.  While hunting and gathering through my local grocery store I happened upon some Caveman Cranberry Apricot bars.  It isn’t everyday you come across a snack bar that is Paleo or claims to be Paleo in the grocery store.  So I of course picked it up and read the label.  Now on the front of the bar and on the box it says “Paleo Friendly”…lets take a look at the backside of the bar:



Almonds, brown rice syrup, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar), evaporated cane syrup, cashews, dried apricots, currants, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sea salt. Allergens: Contains Almonds, Cashews.

Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy and egg.

This was pulled directly from their website which also claims it is Paleo friendly.  Now if you can handle the brown rice syrup, sugar, and evaporated cane syrup than good for you.  A lot of Paleo’ers start eating Paleo to get away from these types of ingredients!  I know it may be better than a Snickers bar, but I don’t think the company should claim to be Paleo friendly.  They even go into the whole background of the Paleo diet on their website.

It makes me mad that a company would claim to be something they are not.  Why add sugar to the dried cranberries?  Why not just add dried cranberries?  Brown rice syrup?

“Brown rice syrup is expected to have a glycemic index higher than table sugar, as it is composed of glucose, maltose and maltotriose. There are other opinions on this subject, for instance health website Live Strong suggests that it has a very low glycemic index.”-wikipedia

I had never heard of that before today. So if you are Paleo already or just starting you should know that sugar is a no-no and brown rice is a grain which is also a no no.  They are hoping you don’t read the labels like many other food companies!  They were hoping that by adding “Paleo friendly” on the front of the bar you would buy it without looking at the ingredients! It almost caught me off guard.  

So do me a favor and read every label, no matter what!  You will be surprised at what lurks in foods that claim to be healthy!



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This entry was posted on January 24, 2014 by in Food.
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