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Seared Ahi Tuna

This is probably one of the quickest meals I have whipped up in a long time.  Not only was it the quickest but one of my favorites.  I have been trying to eat more seafood lately.  Not that I am sick of anything else, I live on an island why wouldn’t I eat the freshest food available to me?  So I went over to Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown,RI which is owned by a friend of mine.  They honestly have the freshest seafood around, not only do they sell wholesale but they have an amazing restaurant that was featured on the Food Network.

I picked up a half-pound of fresh Yellowfin tuna which is also known as Ahi tuna.  According to my research on the Wikipedia, it is also called Ahi because that is a name given to the fish by Hawaiians. To go along with the fish I picked up some baby bok-choy.  I coated the fish in white and black sesame seeds and salt.  Very easy and light on the seasoning to let the fish take center stage.

Directions for tuna:

  1. 1/2″ thick piece of fresh tuna, mine was about 1/2lb
  2. pat tuna dry with paper towel to remove moisture
  3. coat all sides of tuna with salt and black & white sesame seeds
  4. place cast-iron skillet on high heat with coconut oil
  5. once the pan is almost to the point of smoking place the tuna in
  6. cook for 45-60 seconds
  7. flip
  8. cook for another 45-60 seconds
  9. DONE!
raw tuna coated with sesame seeds and salt

raw tuna coated with sesame seeds and salt

finished tuna before slicing

finished tuna before slicing

tuna sliced and served

tuna sliced and served

Directions for Baby Bok Choy:

  1. cut the thick part of the bottom off and let the leaves separate
  2. rinse thoroughly and dry
  3. chop up 1 small shallot, 3 cloves of garlic, and a little piece of ginger
  4. sauté garlic, ginger, shallot until soft
  5. add bok choy and cook until tender, about 5 mins
shallots, garlic, ginger sautéing

shallots, garlic, ginger sautéing

add bok choy when shallots, ginger, garlic is soft

add bok choy when shallots, ginger, garlic is soft

finished side of bok choy

finished side of bok choy

2 comments on “Seared Ahi Tuna

  1. aminseattle
    February 14, 2014

    Yum! I need to eat more bok choy.

  2. WWJME
    February 14, 2014

    me too!

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