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Paleonola Review

A few months ago I reached out to the folks at Paleonola.com to possibly do a review of their products. Paleonola creates grain free granola that is made up of nuts and seeds and other various Paleo-friendly food items!  Within a few days a package came filled with every product they sell.  Their flavors are: original, chocolate fix, maple pancake, apple-pie, and pumpkin pie.  The Paleonola comes in a 10oz. resealable bag with a great looking label.

PALEONOLA is not your average granola. Traditional granola’s are filled with 90% oats and are made with ingredients like canola oil, cane sugar, soy lecithin and other additives that diminish and in some cases even ruin our intention of trying to eat healthy. We believe people deserve more from the foods they choose. Our signature blend of hearty nuts and seeds will give you the look and feel of traditional granola without the heavy carbohydrate load and sugar crash you’ll find elsewhere. Instead our nutrient dense ingredients and healthy fats will provide YOU with sustained energy that will allow you to perform better in every aspect of your lives. We believe your health starts with YOU and we encourage you to take responsibility by demanding higher quality products. Luckily, if you’ve made your way here, you’re off to a great start. Experience Paleonola today!

The first thing I did was to taste every single bag, just a spoon-full.  They are so amazingly delicious! My favorites in order are; chocolate fix, pumpkin-pie, maple-pancake, apple-pie, and then the original.  I am a sucker for anything chocolate and pumpkin so those were on the top of my list.  The Paleonola is perfect for on-the-go snacks, or with some almond milk or some other delicious creations you can cook up…I am thinking a nice topping for a Paleo-friendly apple-crisp.  I stored my bags in the freezer because nuts and seeds will turn rancid if left out for too long.  Remember nuts have oil which spoil.

I would highly recommend their products! They are a Rhode Island based company as well, so they are locals with me.  You can pick up Paleonola in WholeFoods and other various retailers around the country! Go check them out, Paleonola.com


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